Hoffmann Group is Europe’s largest and most complete supplier in the domain of industrial equipment.

Hoffman Group is Europe’s largest and most complete supplier in the domain of industrial equipment. The company offers the best technology solutions thanks to more than 70,000 tools and a variety of 500 brands. Close to 140,000 clients worldwide have already trusted Hoffmann Group’s products and services.

Hoffmann Group further develops two product brands of its own – the GARANT premium series and HOLEX, the cost-effective alternative with a stable quality level.

The hands-on engineers at Soltec have a long-standing professional experience with the Hoffmann Group products, and they can answer to any client’s needs in a quick and hassle-free manner. Every year, our specialists go through a product training at Hoffmann’s headquarters in Germany, where they receive the latest information about novel products and industry trends.

Hoffmann Group’s catalogue is at the core of the company’s operations as it includes an outstanding variety of state-of-the-art tools, ranging from HSS drills, hard carbide drills, tapping screws, and countersinks; through reamers, cutters, measurement instruments, holders, hand tools, and tool vending solutions.

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