MiR robots from Mobile Industrial Robots – the best technological solution on the global market

If you wish to increase the efficiency of your materials and parts flow in every area of production, then Soltec can now offer you the best technological solution on the global market – the MiR robots!

These mobile robots are programmed fast and easy, without the need of an expert with prior experience. The MiR robots follow pre-designed routes from the warehouse to every production department. The workers can simply load and unload the robot, using their magnetic identification labels for specific departments and sectors of the production. As the robot arrives to the pre-determined place, the operator takes only a few moments to unload/load the materials, after which the mobile robot continues along its route. Upon returning to the warehouse, the robot autonomously connects to its charging station where its battery is freshly charged. Hence, the MiR robot remains at your disposal 24/7.

Soltec EOOD became the official, exclusive distributor of MiR for Bulgaria in 2017. Over a short period of time, until January 2018, we were able to integrate the MiR system at two Bulgarian manufacturers. Now, we are looking forward to optimizing and automating the processes in Your Factory 4.0®.

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