CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) has been providing the professional CAE analysis solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry since 1995

Plastic injection has been occupying a core position in numerous industries. In response to the transformational needs of the high-tech era, CoreTech announced Moldex3D 2023, the latest version of molding analysis software, to seize opportunities with its global customers in the continuously advancing industry. The new generation of Moldex3D focuses on four main concepts: reliability, efficiency, augmentation and liberation. It not only strengthens simulation performance but also provides user-friendly interfaces and various cloud services. The API function can streamline workflow, enhance software and hardware capabilities, achieve digital twins, and seamlessly connect the virtual and the real.

With intimate domain knowledge, Moldex3D Europe endeavors to become the ultimate choice for part/mold designers worldwide and the proliferating plastics industry. As a topnotch provider of computer-aided engineering software, Moldex3D allows users unprecedented and seamless compatibility with other leading specialized design and engineering software.

In pursuit of the most truthful analysis, Moldex3D eliminates the painstaking trials-and-errors; with the most authentic presentation, Moldex3D enables perfect match between prediction and end-result; with provision of the most concrete services, Moldex3D helps users master the most profound skills and knowledge.

Faster and more flexible computing, more powerful virtual and real integration.

In the era of increasingly popular multi-core computers, using parallel computing to reduce the calculation time of molding analysis can bring great advantages to enterprises. Moldex3D 2023 supports parallel computing on multi-core processors, multiple processors, and clusters, which can not only increase the calculation speed by up to 80%, but also improve the calculation efficiency of wire sweep analysis in IC packaging by nearly 20%, greatly enhancing simulation efficiency.

Liberating workflow and entering a new stage of molding simulation

For a product to go from design to production, it requires multiple rounds of experimentation and verification. How can these steps be automated? With Moldex3D 2023, a new way has emerged. The API feature enables workflows to be processed automatically with just one click. By setting up the system in advance, it can automatically execute high-repetition processes and molding parameter settings, or perform specific analysis tasks, creating a custom automation workflow that is specific to your needs.

"Mold the topnotch professional software with constant technical innovation and genuine devotion to comprehensive services; become the ultimate choice for mold designers and the best partner of plastics industry."


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