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ROEQ designs, develops and manufactures standard robotic equipment that helps you get the most out of your MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMR). Whether you need to pick up /drop off carts, racks, pallets etc or transfer loads to conveyor stations, the ROEQ range with ROEQ Assist software provide safe, reliable solutions. As a certified partner, Soltec gives you the opportunity to unleash the potential of your robots.

For a full, reliable and safe solution, your AMR must work seamlessly together with the surrounding equipment. Your MiR AMR can be programmed to safely move around the production or warehouse floor. However, in order to pick up, drop off or transfer loads to different stations, you will need a ROEQ top module + relevant equipment such as ROEQ carts, docking stations and optional accessories such as forks - for lifting pallets. The ROEQ safety software and ROEQ Assist ensure a smooth integration with the MiR robot. It sets the robot footprint e.g. if a cart is attached or not, and chooses the right ROEQ safety zone – which is also provided by ROEQ to fit the solution. ROEQ Assist also generates missions to get you up and running quickly. In this way ROEQ Robotic Equipment helps you get the full potential of your AMR.

ROEQ is part of the flourishing Danish robotics cluster in Odense. The company was founded in 2017 and is the leading global manufacturer of well-engineered, easy-to-use standard mobile robotic equipment designed for autonomous mobile robots.

ROEQ Products

ROEQ offers a wide range of standard mobile robotic equipment to get the most out of MiR autonomous mobile robots.


Top Modules

All ROEQ top modules come with ROEQ Assist software that includes setups tools, making it easy for you to quickly get your solution up and running. The software creates missions, sets the robot footprint, and choses the right ROEQ safety zones. ROEQ Assist is fully compatible with MiR software and ensures consistency throughout the installation.

There are three types: Roller Modules, Lifter Modules and Cart & Rack Modules

1. ROEQ Roller Modules – For conveyor solutions. These ROEQ top roller modules have been developed to optimize safety and efficiency when transporting and transferring goods to and from conveyors. They have three types of sensors, and the rollers are braked during transport to ensure the safety and security of goods and people. For further safety, there are built-in barriers to protect fingers from being caught in the rollers.

Applicable for MiR250: TR125 Manual 250 and TR125 Auto 250

Applicable for MiR600 and MiR1350: TR600 & TR1150 / TR1000 Auto

Use together with the ROEQ GuardCom, for extra safe and trouble-free transfer of the goods from the top roller to the conveyor station, without relying on unstable wi-fi connections.

2. ROEQ Lifter Modules - For pick up / drop off and transporting loads. Includes models for transporting carts and racks. The TML1000 has a greater stroke (240mm/ 9.4”) for transferring between stations of differing heights.

Applicable for MiR250: TML200 and S-Cart300L

Applicable for MiR600 and MiR1350: TML1200

3. Carts and Racks - All ROEQ carts are designed with precision, use quality components and have been thoroughly tested. In addition, they all have attachment holes for attaching customized equipment and provide a flexible base for building your solution.

ROEQ carts and racks for the MiR100/200 lock to the top module and the docking station with a patented locking mechanism. The Precision locking model is ideal for fully automated set ups and ensures that the robot knows where the carts and racks are at all times. The Easy-Pull-Out is ideal for semi-automated set ups, as it can be easily handled by human operators.

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Docking Stations

ROEQ offer floor and wall-mounted docking stations for use with different cart models.

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Rails, forks, spring kits, locks, weights, etc. are available for your ROEQ solution.

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