Universal Robots is among the top companies producing collaborative industrial robots

Start with flexibility, then add intelligence, endurance and remarkable precision, and you will get the Universal Robots robot arm. The UR family consists of UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR16e, UR20 and UR30 – named according to their respective payload in kilograms. Each one of them possesses extraordinary capabilities for collaborative work, which makes these robots a much-desired presence on the manufacturing line.

When we say that the UR cobots can automate practically anything, we mean it: from assembly to painting, form screwing to labeling, from packaging to varnishing, from casting under pressure to welding, and so on. They are able to undertake any kind of processing that you can possibly imagine. The flexibility of the UR family makes these robots very cost-effective, even when it comes to the screwing of small batches of mixed products and parts.

Cobots are the future of manufacturing, and we offer services to unlock their full potential. Maximize uptime, extend lifespan, enhance performance, increase productivity, and improve quality. Create a safer, more efficient workplace that empowers your employees and helps your business thrive with our support.

Soltec’s experts are familiar with all the abilities that the UR cobots have, and will be able to support you in defining the automation possibilities within your factory. Moreover, our specialists will be able to tell you what robot will be specifically answer best to your needs and objectives.

More information about the advantages and applications of the UR robots can be found in the video below:

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