Introducing PowerPick and Multipick: Two new versions responding to the growing use robots for palletising
02 Mar, 2023

Introducing PowerPick and Multipick: Two new versions responding to the growing use robots for palletising

Over the past few years, it has been almost impossible to ignore the growing trend towards robotic palletizing to address labor shortages and keep production processes seamlessly connected. This is a very positive milestone as it means that companies are increasingly realising the importance of automation and robots for efficiency in their business.

As more and more companies turn to robots for palletising, there are more and more new and interesting application implementations that were not considered when Robotiq first launched palletising solutions. Operators are looking for a palletizing solution that can be used in a wider range of specific applications. They are looking to more efficiently manage an ever-increasing variety of products and packaging types.

At Soltec, we are always trying to make robot implementation as easy as possible. We strive to save our customers all the work of creating custom robotic solutions if an off-the-shelf solution can be easily adapted. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of a next-generation palletizing gripper and palletizing software feature from our international partner Robotiq.

The PowerPick gripper and multipick software feature are designed to extend the range of applications that can benefit from our palletising solution, both in terms of payload and productivity.

PowerPick can carry heavy cartons weighing up to 11.5 kg!

The Multipick function allows you to lift two or more cartons at once. This makes it the ideal solution to combine with production lines where volumes are larger. In some cases this results in a 100% increase (or more!) in productivity.
We expect that with these new releases even more businesses will find that Robotiq's palletising solution works for them and that Soltec's specialists are always there to help with the right choice.

PowerPick: The powerful gripper for complex palletizing tasks

PowerPick is a vacuum gripper developed specifically for palletising. It offers the flexibility to help you handle a wide range of sizes, shapes, weights and packaging materials. It is reliable even when exposed to less controlled conditions such as humidity and fine dust.

Some of its features include:

  • Load capacity: the PowerPick carries heavy loads and supports boxes weighing up to 11.5 kg.
  • Adaptability: PowerPick offers 46 different handling options, greatly reducing the need for custom grippers when handling different types of cartons.
  • Gripping modes: Single, double or even quad gripper. This allows you to mount multiple PowerPick units on the same arm, increasing productivity with small and lightweight cartons.
  • Installation: Installation is easy and assembly of parts requires only one wrench.

Combined with PowerPick, Robotiq's palletizing solution covers more possible application scenarios and makes it easier for companies to manage different production line requirements across plants or regions.

Multipick: Increasing flexibility of choice

Multipick is a new feature that improves the speed and flexibility of your palletising operation. It delivers higher productivity at the end of the line, regardless of the pallet model you use. Multipick also covers multi-pack models, meaning you can have two different products on one pallet.

Multipick benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Multipick allows you to increase the throughput of your palletising operations by picking multiple boxes at the same time.
  • Flexibility: It helps you select a wider range of palletizing patterns with greater flexibility.
  • Label Orientation: Supports label orientation, which is not always possible with alternative solutions.

What customers wanted and how Robotiq achieved it

Among the points on the customer wish list :

  • Higher performance in terms of speed and payload.
  • A greater degree of control over the boxes in situations of multiple claims.
  • A standard gripper that can lift heavier cartons.
  • A complete robotic palletizing solution that requires little to no customization.
  • Higher productivity, even with complex pallet patterns.
  • Faster implementation time with fewer requirements for third-party components.

With PowerPick and Multipick, Robotiq met these needs while increasing the flexibility of the existing palletizing solution. As an official representative and international partner of Robotiq, Soltec will assist you in making the right choice.

Contact Soltec sales representatives for more information on +359 32 500 425 or by email:

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