Unlock the power of intelligent product design with the updated Solid Edge 2024
16 Nov, 2023

Unlock the power of intelligent product design with the updated Solid Edge 2024

Available since October this year, Siemens Digital Industries Software's Solid Edge 2024 provides design tools that unleash the power of intelligent product design. Solid Edge 2024 empowers users to design smarter at every stage of product development. With a focus on a better user experience and higher productivity, the new version of the platform introduces features and enhancements to automate and accelerate design as well as collaboration.

As an integral part of the overall Siemens Xcelerator digital platform portfolio, Solid Edge is a smart next-generation solution and a great starting point for small and medium-sized companies on their industrial growth and development journey. Innovative updates in Solid Edge CAM Pro accelerate machining while bringing the power of artificial intelligence and cloud technology to manufacturing processes. Programming is much easier, intuitive and precise with the new AI-based functionalities, and 3D machining enables faster and more efficient material removal.

What's new in Solid Edge 2024?

Up to 9 times faster visualisation, scaling and rotation

Improvements in visualization and performance create an uncompromising and immersive digital experience, with no delays or bloat when viewing and manipulating the model. Impressive new view styles present models in a realistic environment that automatically updates as the object moves.

Ability to share and collaborate from any device

Solid Edge SaaS subscriptions offer the ability to share work in the cloud, thanks to Teamcenter Share. Connected to products across the Xcelerator portfolio, Share provides a rich set of cloud features that enable collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers from anywhere and any device.

Advanced design process using integrated artificial intelligence (AI).

Integrated AI-based technology in Solid Edge 2024 helps deliver better, faster results. When replacing parts in an assembly, AI intelligently predicts and suggests valid alternatives. The intelligent modeling capabilities of synchronous technology recognize and support behavioral mechanisms in real time, even on models coming from other systems.

Real-time product configuration directly to customers

The new Solid Edge Design Configurator Connect functionality provides instant online product configuration, allowing customers to effortlessly configure their product according to their specific requirements. The advanced capabilities in Solid Edge Design Configurator provide enhanced product design through pre-configured models that enable quick and easy insertion of intelligent data structures for ladders, conveyors and enclosures directly to the design.

Instant sizing using custom templates and automated help option

New Model Based Definition (MBD) capabilities available in the updated version of Solid Edge reduce the communication barrier and provide the ability to better convey design requirements. The Automated Help option provides consistent model dimensioning and annotations to the model, and the newly added Custom Templates feature provides intelligent communication of design information.

Faster and more accurate programming with Solid Edge CAM Pro

The artificial intelligence-based new version of the software features intelligent prediction functionality that assists the editorial process based on the machining application and programming style. The cloud-connected tool library allows for pre-editing and specifying tools before they are used.

Flexible licensing options for complementary products

Siemens provides cost-effective packages of licensed 'tokens' that allow access to complementary products to Solid Edge on demand. Used in conjunction with the Solid Edge platform, the token bundle provides access to tools, applications and extensions including Generative Design Pro, Point Cloud Visualization, Electrical Routing, PCB Collaboration, Advanced PMI, Simulation and Solid Edge XpresRoute.

You can learn about all of these new features and enhancements in the latest version of the Solid Edge 2024 platform, as well as many more, you just need to contact our sales specialist on telephone +359 (0) 32 500 425 or email: sales@soltec.bg

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