Industry 5.0 in action on 25 October! Soltec and Universal Robots introduced you to the latest solutions for the Factory of the Future
26 Oct, 2023

Industry 5.0 in action on 25 October! Soltec and Universal Robots introduced you to the latest solutions for the Factory of the Future

On October 25 2023 at the Plovdiv Fair Soltec took part in a first of its kind event organized jointly by Universal Robots and Konica Minolta. The forum was held under the slogan "Factory of the Future: Innovative Manufacturing Automation Solutions for Industry 5.0" , and the exhibition areas were filled with an impressive number of high-performance collaborative robots and innovative smart solutions, more than 200 stakeholders and proven Bulgarian and foreign specialists in industrial automation.

Guests at the event had the unique opportunity to touch, discover and witness live demonstrations of the latest automation solutions for various production processes with Universal Robots' collaborative robots for the first time. In addition to the exhibition and demonstration part, the event also ran with a seminar programme that looked at future trends the future of manufacturing technology and what the path to the factories of tomorrow will look like.

Special guest speaker at the event was Mr. Lucian Diaconu, Business Development Manager for the Adriatic and Balkans at Universal Robots. He discussed the main differences between conventional and collaborative robots, highlighting the many business benefits of integrating cobots into manufacturing. "We want to create a world where people work with robots, not as robots," said Mr Diaconu. "Universal Robots' cobots have been proven to be named the #1 collaborative robot in the world. With an extremely fast return on investment of 12 to 24 months, UR's high-performance cobots deliver the ultimate reliability, 100% safety when working alongside employees, multi-fold improved productivity, minimized risk of errors, unmatched precision, flexibility and overall optimization of manufacturing operations," he added.

Demonstrations included one of our newest products on the market, the ROEQ TML150, part of the diverse MiR range of robot equipment. Not only that, but during the event visitors had the opportunity to observe in one place a similar set of cobots designed for a variety of applications - from drilling and welding, to painting and polishing, to palletizing (pick and place), to witness interesting demonstrations with each of them and to personally test and see for themselves their functional capabilities. Two autonomous mobile MiR robots "raced" through the exhibition hall and skilfully manoeuvred between the attendees and, as well as creating a cheerful mood for everyone, showed their own abilities and that their place is right in the factory and logistics warehouse of the future.

Among the exhibitors at the Factory of the Future were leading companies such as Soltec, Betelgeus, Schunk Bulgaria, Soldar, Ultraflex Power Technologies Bulgaria, Gimatic Bulgaria, Universal Robots, Nord Modules, Smooth Robotics and others.

Creating and working in a good partnership is always a prerequisite for success. Thank you to all the guests who attended and with whom we will move forward to better solutions for their businesses. For those who could not attend, and for those who want to see more, stay tuned for future editions in real production environments in 2024 !

If you have any questions, interest in any of our products or our demonstrations, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives by email or by phone +359 32 500 425.

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