In search of the perfect espresso, Olympia Express creates technological masterpieces for a true experience
04 May, 2023

In search of the perfect espresso, Olympia Express creates technological masterpieces for a true experience

In search of the perfect espresso, we present to your attention Olympia Express - the Swiss company that produces high-end handmade coffee machines designed for connoisseurs. "Olympia Express started its operations back in 1928 with the main goal of developing a design that would evoke euphoria for the taste buds of coffee lovers. The quest for perfection of Swiss engineers and technologists has kept the company going over the years. Today, the success and quality of its products are unquestionable! The New York Times newspaper named the predecessor of the stylish lever espresso machine Sremina, the Sremina 67, "the best espresso machine in the world". The Maximatic is a semi-automatic masterpiece of engineering that makes espresso with impressive, full-bodied flavour in just a few steps. But what's a coffee machine without a perfectly crafted coffee grinder to complement it?

The Moca model is a high quality, Swiss-made coffee grinder designed to close the loop on the perfect espresso", and we at Soltec welcome the future with a selection of high-tech solutions to benefit businesses.

The Swiss manufacturer is a true pioneer that has earned immense respect. The company has been in business for nearly 100 years and despite the economic turmoil of the 80s and 90s, is still viable today. The management of Olympia Express has steadfastly followed its mission by concentrating on producing high quality espresso machines and coffee grinders in the picturesque mountain canton of Glarus, Switzerland.

Olympia Express masterpieces include:

  • Espresso machines: Cremina, Cremina SL, Maximatic;
  • Coffee grinders: Moca, Moca SD;
  • Accessories: Cremina

Cremina - a classic lever espresso machine without conventions

This model has a classic Swiss design, using only first-class materials for the construction of the body and mechanisms. The value of this masterpiece of Swiss engineering has been preserved over time.

The Cremina's operating principle is based on a proven pre-infusion (liquid infusion) system. By lifting the lever, a small amount of water is released into the reservoir with a plunger that forces it through the ground coffee. Lowering the lever introduces pressurized hot water through the formed dosage. This tried and tested procedure, together with the accumulation of experience and competence by Cremina's owners, guarantees the perfect espresso - a combination of crema, aroma and taste for a harmonious delight of the senses.

Although it takes a little practice, once you have achieved the perfect espresso, it will forever remain your personal coffee - a sophisticated and genuine event for any coffee lover.

Cremina SL - a compact machine with a big advantage

Perfection and innovation merge in the Cremina SL lever espresso machine. The familiar Swiss design, combined with high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, is upgraded by additional extras that fascinate.

The Cremina SL combines the "peace of mind" of a manual lever machine with the simplicity of a semi-automatic machine. If you have a weakness for the purely mechanical extraction of the best from a coffee and do not wish to leave quality to chance, Cremina SLe is the right choice. The completely revamped brewing unit, combined with the solid base from Cremina, creates a unique look. Never before has a compression spring coffee brewing unit been integrated into such a compact machine. With each successive coffee run, you'll see the lever slowly and steadily lift magically until the perfect espresso flows out into the cup below.

Maximatic - for maximum espresso taste

Maximatic is the perfect semi-automatic espresso machine for connoisseurs of luxury. It features a double heating circuit, high reliability and low noise. In addition, it is the most compact machine of its class in the world.

Maximatic is the ideal partner for anyone looking for a little more luxury. The electric semi-automatic espresso machine with vibroinsulated pump is so convenient and compact that it almost fits on an A4 sheet. This is due to the individual craftsmanship of each unit, from the vibration-isolated pump to the boiler. This makes the Maximatic the world's smallest espresso machine with a double circuit heating system. It is so easy and convenient to use that it can be used at home as well as in offices, studios, doctor's offices and galleries.

Since 1974, the Maximatic has followed in the tradition of classic commercial machines and is in no way inferior to large bar coffee machines. To this day, its owners experience the ultimate espresso pleasure day after day.

Moca - the perfect coffee grinder for the perfect finish

From the start, the Moca has taken its rightful place alongside the Maximatic and Cremina. In 2014, its operating principle, grinding mechanism and design were completely redesigned. It features a professional grinding mechanism directly in the portafilter, as well as the reliability and precision for which it has been called "the perfect coffee grinder" by the manufacturer. Made from the highest quality materials, mainly with manual operations, in high quality steel, aluminium and real glass, it is an important addition to the Cremina and Maximatic espresso machines.

Moca SD - a combination of the latest developments in coffee grinding technology

Moca SD is the youngest member of the Moca family. It combines a professional grinding mechanism, residue-free dosing and compact dimensions.

For a perfect espresso you need to select a premium blend of coffee, drinking water and a coffee grinder that produces the perfect ground coffee. The Moca SD is a precision-crafted machine that reliably delivers optimum results.

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