6 Industries That Can Benefit Greatly from Robotic Palletizing
06 Feb, 2023

6 Industries That Can Benefit Greatly from Robotic Palletizing

Over the past few years, robotic palletizing has evolved into a vital tool for businesses across all industries. Companies can ship products more quickly and utilize their human employees more effectively by automating the stacking and sorting of goods for shipment. Soltec as a proven system integrator of cobots and robotic systems will help you with your choice.

Different sectors have adopted robotic palletizing in different ways. Robotic automation has been used for decades in some businesses, including those that generate mass-produced consumer items. Others, including the production of small scale of furniture, have only recently begun to use robots. No matter what sector you work in, robotic technology shouldn't prevent you from implementing automated palletizing technology.

 The following 6 sectors are already reaping the rewards of robotic palletizing:

1. Food and drink

Food and beverage industries have just realized the value of robotic palletizing, and this sector is a major driver of the market revenue for automated palletizing. Even with limited space, robots can aid businesses in streamlining shipment. At Soltec, we offer a variety of Universal Robots cobot models that are proven to be an effective solution for your business! You can find out more about the models here.

In the food and beverage sector, items including bottles and cans, food product boxes, and shrink-wrapped packages can all be palletized by a robot.

2. Medical equipment

Particularly after the global pandemic of 2020, when demand for medical goods skyrocketed, robotic palletizing has had a significant impact on producers of medical devices. Businesses may make sure that delicate objects are handled gently and securely during shipping by automating the packing process.

Small medical tools, tubing, and delicate medical testing equipment are a few examples of products from the medical device industry that can be palletized by a robot.

3. Automobiles

The automotive industry has been using robotic palletizing extensively for many years. Large parts and components can be packaged using the technology in a way that keeps them safe during shipment. Additionally, this technology aids in lowering the possibility of job injuries brought on by hard lifting or repetitive activity.

Examples of products that can be palletized with a robot in the automotive sector include engine components, electronic components, and tires.

4. Furniture

In order to cut labour costs and increase productivity, the furniture sector is also seeing an increase in the use of robotic palletizing. The palletizing process can also include additional processes that furniture manufacturers can add, including weighing the bags of screws and other fasteners for self-assembly furniture during the quality assurance phase.

Sofas, chairs, and cabinet parts are a few examples of products that can be palletized by a robot in the furniture sector.

5. Logistics

The expansion of online shopping has resulted in a significant increase in demand for the logistics sector in recent years. Robotic palletizing is therefore growing in popularity as a means of supplying this growing need. Robots can expedite the palletizing process, enabling businesses to get products out the door quicker.

Examples of items that can be palletized with a robot in the logistics sector include large shipments of packages, bulk items, and boxes.

6. Packaging

Robotic palletizing is also becoming increasingly popular among packaging manufacturing companies as a scalable way to handle changes in demand.

Examples of products that can be palletized with a robot in the packaging industry include shrink-wrapped packets, fragile containers, and boxes.

As you can see, robotic palletizing helps organizations in a variety of sectors as they look to automation for increased productivity, accuracy, and cost savings. Would you like to use robotic palletizing in your company?

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