New promo offer from Siemens Digital Industries Software
01 Aug, 2022

New promo offer from Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced its new promo offer!

For a limited time, get up to 50% off your purchase of Solid Edge CAM Pro and Solid Edge 2D Nesting. Easy to implement, learn and use. The promo offer can be found here.

CAM software for a wide range of manufacturing processes

Create world-class products with scalable solutions for a wide range of manufacturing processes. Solid Edge solutions help you fulfill more orders, spend less on raw materials, and improve productivity by streamlining processes such as CNC machining, slitting, cutting, forming, welding, and assembly.

For a limited time, receive up to 50% off the purchase of Solid Edge CAM Pro and Solid Edge 2D Nesting.

Solid Edge CAM Pro

With Solid Edge CAM Pro, you can avoid the need and expense of multiple CAM systems in the machine shop. The scalable solution offers a wide range of in-depth NC programming capabilities, providing flexibility and maximizing the value of your investment. Solid Edge CAM Pro stands out with its incredible feature set and capabilities - providing everything you need in one CAM solution.


Adaptive roughing

Adaptive roughing allows your CNC machines to produce parts faster, optimizes their performance and extends the life of your cutting tools. This functionality is included in our 3-axis package at no extra charge and can safely handle bottom-up cutting.

Intelligent tool paths

Solid Edge CAM Pro includes built-in tools for toolpath visualization and material removal verification tools. An integrated potential collision checking system identifies any potential problems. You can also make quick changes to toolpath results with graphical editing tools and protect your edits by locking toolpaths from future recalculations. No need for third-party visualization or processing simulation software


Solid Edge 2D Nesting

Siemens Solid Edge 2D Nesting is a powerful standalone module designed to generate an optimized cut for your 2D cutting workpiece. 2D Nesting saves manufacturers money and time by allowing them to manage material usage efficiently.


With Solid Edge 2D Nesting you have complete control over all the nesting settings needed to meet the requirements of any cutting technology or material. The intuitive user interface (UI) makes it easy to select part quantities, sheet sizes and part rotation. Solid Edge 2D Nesting is launched from Solid Edge's one-click mechanical design products. Selecting parts to import for nesting is quick and easy. Learn more about Solid Edge 2D Nesting here.

Optimize your manufacturing processes and spend less on raw materials by purchasing new computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and 2D nesting software at up to 50% off. Place more orders and improve your productivity by learning more about the promo offer here.

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