Introducing ROEQ - our new partner!
09 Aug, 2023

Introducing ROEQ - our new partner!

SOLTEC is pleased to announce that, as an ambassador of Industry 4.0, it now offers ROEQ products for all manufacturing companies that are constantly striving to increase productivity and reduce costs and risks in internal logistics.

ROEQ (from Robotic Equipment) is a Danish company, part of the Robotic Solutions Cluster in Odense, that develops and manufactures equipment for Mobile Industrial Robots' (MiR) autonomous mobile robots. The latter are also offered by Soltec on the Bulgarian market. The company's products are distinguished by high quality and reliability, meeting high safety and compliance standards.

ROEQ's motto is "Safe - Intuitive - Reliable". With ROEQ's products, MiR robots maximize their potential, providing flexible and safe upgrade and optimization solutions.

ROEQ is the world's leading manufacturer of precision-engineered and easy-to-use standard equipment for autonomous mobile robots. The company designs, develops and manufactures standard equipment for AMR. It covers solutions for fully automated or semi-automated loading and unloading of MiR robots, transportation of platforms, pallets, etc. with products to and from conveyors, warehouse solutions as well as a variety of accessories. ROEQ products come complete with ROEQ Assist software, which ensures safe and reliable operation.

For a complete, reliable and secure solution. MiR robots are made to work seamlessly with people and to move safely on the production site or in the warehouse. However, in order to carry out loading, unloading and transporting, a ROEQ upper module and the corresponding equipment such as ROEQ trolleys, docking stations and accessories as required, such as pallet lifting forks for example, are required. The ROEQ safety software and ROEQ Assist ensure smooth integration with MiR robots. It identifies the robot's surface, such as whether or not there is a trolley integrated to it, selecting the appropriate safety zone to ensure the solution matches the customer's capabilities and needs. ROEQ Assist also generates missions, thereby speeding up integration and commissioning. ROEQ Robotic Equipment thus enables the full potential of AMR to be unleashed.

For more information and if interested, contact our sales representatives on +359 32 500 425 or email:

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