Hoffmann Group: The Garant Mastersteel Feed drill is even longer now
21 Feb, 2018

Hoffmann Group: The Garant Mastersteel Feed drill is even longer now

Hoffmann Group presented a three-flute, high-performance, solid-carbide drill with the world's largest lift-to-drag ratio, also known as L / D ratio.

Hoffmann Group, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of high quality tools, has increased its product range of the GARANT MasterSteel series. In the summer of 2017, the Hoffmann Group introduced its new high performance, solid-carbide drills GARANT MasterSteel SPEED and GARANT MasterSteel FEED, including their subcategories 8xD and 12xD.

The GARANT MasterSteel FEED three-flute solid-carbide drill, with the world's largest L / D ratio and 12xD length, is now freely available on the market. Also, the product range includes three-flute NC spotting drill тривърхо NC центровосредло, these being just two of the products from the GARANT MasterSteel FEED series. This product range also offers many opportunities for professional machining of steel, stainless steel and cast iron. When the three-flute drill is placed on a CNC machine, it generates up to 50% more torque feed подаване при въртене.  As a result, in addition to the other benefits, a longer tool life is achieved. GARANT MasterSteel FEED was presented testing and demonstration during EMO 2017, the world's leading metalworking fair in Hanover, Germany.

Soltec's consultants know that drilling with a three-flute drill can be a special challenge because the workspace turns out to be too small compared to working with a classic two-flute drill. That's why we're glad to be partners of the Hoffmann Group who've been able to design GARANT MasterSteel FEED with up to 8xD and 12xD, without compromising speed and feed rate. In this case, they are excellent and are provided with a specially designed geometry that has stable cutting edges and large free space in the center. The punctiform chisel point Конусът с оформен ъгъл на наклона reduces the cutting effort and creates optimal controlled chip evacuation.

The Hoffmann Group has also developed an NC spotting drill that is compatible with the GARANT MasterSteel FEED geometry. The NC spotting drill increases the life and performance of the GARANT MasterSteel FEED. In this case, the company relies on the excellent self-centering capacity in which forces are spread over three, not just two edges. This allows targeted drilling even on critical and uneven surfaces. Its geometry optimally matches the geometry of the subsequent MasterSteel FEED with a calculated point angle of 155 degrees.

GARANT MasterSteel FEED and GARANT MasterSteel SPEED are optimized to meet a variety of production needs. GARANT MasterSteel FEED Solid-carbide Drills feature the highest performance in machines with low spindle speed and high torque. The GARANT MasterSteel SPEED series is designed to work with low power spindle machines, but with high speed, as well as for thin-walled components. This means that the Hoffmann Group can offer its customers the right tool they need to work with the machine, to repair components or for a specific application. The tools are versatile and give outstanding performance even when working with stainless steel and castings. Permanent substrate quality and state-of-the-art coating technologies ensure controlled uniform wear, long service life and reliability.

The new GARANT MasterSteel FEED / SPEED 4xD, 6xD, 8xD and 12xD are available with a diameter of 4 to 20 millimeters. The tools can be ordered from the online store of the Hoffmann Group ( Bulgarian version available now) or by contacting one of Soltec's sales representatives.

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