The new version of Solid Edge is here. Be among the first to see the improvements in Solid Edge 2023.
26 Oct, 2022

The new version of Solid Edge is here. Be among the first to see the improvements in Solid Edge 2023.

Released on 12th of October, Siemens Digital Industries Software's Solid Edge 2023 gives you all the tools you need for product development. With them, you create, work collaboratively, and stay connected. Solid Edge 2023 offers a new, optimized user experience, greater interoperability with the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, enhanced capabilities and collaboration in common workflows.

For the premiere of the enhanced version, Soltec held a free webinar on "New and Improved Features in Solid Edge 2023" on October 20th. By following this link, you can find the recording and be among the first to learn all the innovative benefits and features of the version we mention above!

Highlights that are covered in more detail in the webinar are:

  • Solid Edge's all new and modern interface. The organization and visualization of commands is significantly more intuitive
  • Improvements to collaborative design in traditional and synchronous design environments
  • New developments in mechanical modelling
  • All-new Solid Edge Inspector tool

Solid Edge 2023 adds a variety of innovative features to optimize your product designs. Discover seamless collaboration across teams and systems with interoperability enhancements. The new look and feel fits the way you work, letting you do more with fewer clicks. You can achieve more through network models and with simulation capabilities. Save time and money in production by eliminating errors during inspection. Try it out with the new licensing options. With them, you get the features you want, when you need them.


At Soltec, we know that the manufacturing process is long, labor-intensive, and often error-filled due to the dependence on humans to identify, label, and extract important design information. Solid Edge 2023 introduces Solid Edge Inspector, which provides the digital manufacturing capabilities needed to eliminate human error in product inspection with automatic notation of critical design features. Version 2023 of the engineering software product from Siemens unleashes the potential to generate automated reports that include first article inspection reports and much more. Additionally, the new 5-axis multi-axis roughing functionality in Solid Edge CAM Pro provides more efficient material removal while saving you time and cost. In the latest version of Solid Edge, the Rotary Machining add-on for 4-axis machining is now available to you, as well as the innovative capabilities of Wire EDM that ensure your success in creating shapes, even ones that would otherwise be too costly or even impossible.


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