Online training in engineering design with solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software
11 Sep, 2020

Online training in engineering design with solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software

An interview for Engineering Revue Magazine with Georgi Stoyanov, application engineer and lecturer in the first online training in Soltec EOOD

Mr Stoyanov, what necessitates the implementation of new forms of practical engineering training?

- The world is facing major challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that changed the industry this year. The main problems that leaders need to solve relate to the implementation and the observance of necessary safety measures at work, the establishment of strategies in response to the new market conditions and maintaining effectiveness. Globally online communication has become a major tool and a business force. The circumstances suggest that flexibility, quick modification of processes and implementation of new tools are the key factors for maintaining stability. Team building and training of human resource to work, develop, optimise and build a successful remote collaboration are fundamental. The skills and qualities developed are portable in implementing digital transformation strategies that each production should have. The circumstances in 2020 could only speed up the upcoming process of change of working methods that is anyhow inevitable in view of rapid implementation of innovations, development of new technologies and increasingly complex interactions between machines, software, robots, departments and teams. Human capital is no exception to this equation and the need for skill and knowledge development of employees in the manufacturing sector remains essential. The e-learning as a method is not new or unknown. In Bulgaria that form of training is aimed at end users and is highly popular in the IT industry, but not in industries, which strongly highlight the need for improving skills, as well as for access to modern technology and training. 

Which are the advantages of online training? Are there any disadvantages?

- The Internet as a learning environment provides many advantages. Among them are individual pace and schedule in accordance with the needs of the company, the absence of transport costs and loss of time and the permanent access to teaching materials. The individual approach in online training facilitates the interaction between lecturer and student – real-time communication provides with the necessary tools for active participation in the learning process, asking questions, establishing collaborations. Therefore, I think that digital learning environments have no shortcomings.

The Soltec program for CAD basic training with Solid Edge provides a test at the end of the course, thus certifying the accumulation of knowledge and skills. The concentration and the level of attention in an online training form are also higher when attending the lectures in a comfortable environment, in an arbitrarily chosen place and at a convenient time previously coordinated.

What does your experience show in connection with knowledge and skill improvement in the industry during the past years?

- Demanding trained engineer specialists clearly indicates the pressing need for modern training forms for improving qualification. The improvement of knowledge and skill should be policy of the management, as we observe positive results with our clients. A scenario where the necessary first-class equipment and the machine park are at hand, but no growth in production due to the lack of skilled professionals working with CAD/CAM software is intolerable. Soltec as an ambassador for Industry 4.0 stays active in its support and in developing services, organizing webinars and events. The online Solid Edge CAD training is an opportunity we would like to create in order to help our customers find solutions for engineering challenges or assist the people in finding a solution to a problem in the company they work for, by training them in CAD/CAM.

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