Soltec presented NX 12 to manufacturing companies from all over the country
04 Jan, 2018

Soltec presented NX 12 to manufacturing companies from all over the country

Soltec Ltd., the official partner of SIEMENS PLM for Bulgaria, presented the latest version of the design and development software: NX 12. Soltech gave a detailed presentation to the company's clients and partners, demonstrating the new improved features of NX 12. Each participant had the opportunity to ask the questions that were of direct interest to him and to get a competent answer from specialists in the industry.

The event was held on 16.01.2017 at the LimaconEventCenter  in Plovdiv and was run under the title “NX 12 - Next-Generation Design, Simulation and Manufacturing software”. The seminar was divided into two lines. The first is dedicated entirely to the NX 12, and the second - to the NX CAM manufacturing process application. The purpose of the event was to present to the participants in more details one of Siemens PLM's most popular products and to show how it helps the business within the frame of Industry 4.0.

“Siemens offers absolutely all the tools you need to make your company part of Industry 4.0. Integrated solutions ... improvements in production process ... automation, recording and analysis of production data, etc. We are the only one in this industry offering such a comprehensive portfolio,” Benedec Yuhash, a Siemens portfolio consultant for Central and Eastern Europe, commented after the event.

The seminar started with a presentation by Nikolay Angelov, a specialist in Applied Engineering at Soltech. He introduced the improvements and new features available in NX 12 compared to previous versions of the product. These are, for example:

  • Multi-display capability that substantially facilitates and speeds up the process.
  • The implementation of the so called sketch relationship browser that allows visualization of all interconnections and is very useful in practice.
  • Improved vision of the models, through which an easy filtration of geometry is achieved.
  • Easy and quick adding of lattice structures to design that physically make each product lighter.

PMI (product manufacturing innovations) tools have turned out to be another topic that interested many because they have a key impact in three main directions. First, they generally save on development time and make the process more optimized. Second, they reduce the time for creating technical documentation. Practice shows that if a designer makes his project for 5 days, on average, he spends about 4 days for the preparation of technical documentation. These 4 days can now be saved, because in NX 12 the creation of technical documentation is more optimized than ever. Third, but not least, Siemens software provides information about internal processes much faster than before. Figuratively speaking, the system “understands” the specific needs of the process and responds in the best possible way.

The virtual reality option, added directly in the NX 12, makes collaborative remote work more accessible than ever. People who are thousands of miles away can log in and directly correct, filter, change, test, and verify. They can also simulate processes, and at the end everything is automatically synced.

NX CAM, the manufacturing application, was presented in detail by Georgi Beyriyski, another specialist in applied engineering in Soltech. The second part of the seminar “NX 12 - Next-Generation Design, Simulation and Manufacturing software” was dedicated to it.

Some of the key highlights were: adaptive milling, complex tool processing, special cavity and narrow region operations, automation of programming, electrodes production with NX CAM, etc.

The improved finishing strategy in NX 12, the so-called mold-and-die machining was demonstrated. This feature gives new possibilities for additional processes, such as processing more complex cavities. As a result, a higher quality of the processed surfaces is achieved, less finishing work is done and the needs of post-processing of the product are reduced.

Machining is another feature in the NX CAM that was demonstrated during the seminar. The key feature now is a more optimized tool path, resulting in several benefits. First, less time for material evacuation, second, smoother displacement of the tool from the workpiece and, third, eliminating the sudden stops and changing the direction of cutting.

We, from Soltech, believe that our seminar has been useful and beneficial. We hope each of our guests has discovered something new that will make his work easier in the future. We plan to organize more similar events, so we will be happy to hear your feedback. Tell us your opinion or recommendations about our products. Tell us what you like, what you consider difficult, what help you need or what you want to discuss at our next meeting. Email us at or call +359887179729.

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