Siemens PLM Software: The future of Industry 4.0 and why choose the Siemens PLM products
26 Feb, 2018

Siemens PLM Software: The future of Industry 4.0 and why choose the Siemens PLM products

On the 16th January, 2017, Soltec Ltd. organized a training seminar ”NX 12 - New Generation Software for Design and Production Simulation”. The event was attended by both clients and partners of the company, as well as a very special guest. The event was held at the Limacon Event Center in Plovdiv, and among the attendees we also recognized Mr. Benedek Yuhash, a Siemens PLM consultant for portfolio development in Central and Eastern Europe. We asked him some questions about the future of Industry 4.0. and the place of Siemens PLM products in it.

Here’s what he said.

1. Hello, Benedek, let’s start with this question: „How will Industry 4.0 change the traditional production? “

In all the industries, people speak about Industry 4.0. However, I am not sure whether everybody knows what this exactly is. That is why, let me first define Industry 4.0 using the following analogy:
Just think about your private life: the way we look for information in internet, the way we buy products, the way we buy things or services, the way we communicate. Our habits have changed a lot and are constantly  changing.  Everything is online, connected and updated. The speed and the quantity of the data exchanged is enormous…

You have a similar situation in your professional life, where a full change is in progress. If you or your company want to stay competitive, you must be flexible, offer competitive price and high quality, and optimize production at the same time. How to achieve this?

The key is the DIGITALIZATION. 

Lots of companies in the CEE region lose time and money by ineffective processes and activities, just like the disconnected design and manufacturing, e-mail communications and updates, printing out the 2D drawings for the production, changes are not visible on time to everyone who is involved in the process, etc.

With digitalization, everything can be tested before investing in any tools, machines, or finalizing the product . Thus you will save on tools and machines that could turn to be inefficient for your process. You have access to a platform where you can test every possible change and you can do the corrective actions before causing a possible loss. Processes will be quicker, you will be more flexible in reactions to changing or specific needs, also as a consequence the quality will be better, and you will be more efficient.

As a long-term vision for all the companies, the whole production chain will be digitalized and integrated: if there is a change anywhere, everyone will know it on time, so this reduce the chance of false production for example. From product design, simulations, production planning through the area of the real production all will be connected – data from production can be analyzed and corrective actions can be done on the product or on the production itself.

2. What's the role of Siemens PLM products in Industry 4.0?

Siemens have all the tools and solutions you may need to become an Industry 4.0 company. Integrated solutions are ready to use for mechanical and electronic design, simulations and tests, manufacturing engineering, lifecycle and data analyses. Production improvement can be achieved with quality management, planning and scheduling etc. The automation of the complete plant and the recording and analyzing of the production data can also be covered by Siemens. No other vendor offers such a complete portfolio.

3. We want to be part of Industry 4.0, but we need directions where to start the digitalization process.

So to be an Industry 4.0 company, the first step is to analyze your situation with an expert: where you are now, what are your main challenges during your daily work, on which activities you lose the most of your time, how it should be improved and where you want to get to in a certain period (1 year, 3 years, 5 years for example).

The answers of these questions will help you decide where to start from, what to digitalize first and which direction you take next. Ask our partners in Soltec, the official representative of Siemens PLM for Bulgaria. They will help you start building your future.


4. How does NX12 software improve the production process?

In many ways, depending on the production and the needs of the specific company.

Regarding CAD functionality - Tooling manufacturers can now automatically and accurately determine tooling production costs using the new integrated capabilities of Siemens PLM Software’s solutions. The digitalized process, from 3D part model to detailed cost estimate, can replace the time-consuming manual job tasks to improve your estimates’ accuracy. This gives tool manufacturers a unique advantage in this highly-competitive industry. Although fully automated, the NX 12 software also gives you flexibility to apply your expertise in the process. You can automatically analyze 3D part model  and identify features on molded or stamped parts. This can further improve accuracy of the estimated costs.

In manufacturing point of view – 3D printing is a key feature. New capabilities in NX 12 for additive manufacturing make it easier than ever before to print production-quality parts with the full traceability of an unbroken data thread.

The system can also calculate very accurately the price of the product produced. This is done by transferring the full set of recognized functions together with their parameters directly to the so- called Teamcenter, integrated product lifecycle management software. After additional information is provided on the type of material and machinery, the system makes all calculations. This allows manufacturers to specify an adequate price for their product, and then earn more orders and increase their revenue.

5. Why working with a Siemens PLM partner during the integration of its products is important?

It is easy to buy a software license… naturally it is important to compare the license costs, but you also need to consider how the after-sales services will affect the productivity of the software-user. Here we have a higher service level. Working with a Siemens PLM partner you have a reliable support. We offer training, reaction time to solve problems, customizing postprocessors, continuous support, etc. This increases user’s efficiency during the real production. These services are provided only by licensed Siemens PLM Partners. We provide continuous training and they train you afterwards, which guarantee high quality.

 Soltec, our partners for Bulgaria, offers professional service for all products, and you can always contact them for more information or further questions.

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