We present to you the latest MiR1350. More powerful, safer and better.
03 May, 2022

We present to you the latest MiR1350. More powerful, safer and better.

Soltec provides its customers with the best world-class technology solutions. These include autonomous transport robots from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). Thanks to mobile robots, you increase your efficiency in the logistics of raw materials, materials and finished products. The newest and most powerful MiR1350 model has recently been on the market and is compatible with the highest robot standards available.


  • Load capacity - 1350 kg.
  • Maximum speed - 1.2 m/s
  • Battery run time with maximum load - 6,75 h.
  • Battery run time without load - 14,5 h.
  • Size in mm - 1350 x 910 x 320


  • Large lifting capacity, allowing the transport of pallets and heavy loads
  • Robust construction ensures long life and easy servicing
  • Improved ability to withstand dust and liquids
  • Smooth and efficient movement in dynamic environments
  • Designed based on modern safety standards - ISO 3691-4

Maximize the efficiency of your logistics operations with 1,350 kg lifting capacity with the most powerful AMR (autonomous mobile robot) from MiR. The Collaborative Robot gives you the option of a safe alternative to traditional pallet solutions, with specially designed lifters to automatically lift, transport and deliver pallets. But that's not the only advantage of the robot. Through advanced technology and sophisticated software, it moves with the help of artificial intelligence and selects the most optimal route. When it encounters obstacles, the robot automatically reroutes itself to prevent stopping or delaying material delivery.

The MiR1350 is equipped with the latest laser scanning technology and has optimum safety with 360-degree visibility around itself. It is equipped with two 3D cameras at the front that allow the robot to see up to 2,000 mm above floor level. Additionally, the MiR1350 is controlled by the MiR robot's intuitive interface via smartphone, tablet or computer and can be programmed based on previous experience. Mobile robots are quick and easy to program without the need for a pre-trained specialist.

Depending on your needs, you can seamlessly change the upper modules, which can be equipped with pallet forks, conveyors, a robotic arm or other equipment, for example.

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