Introducing the new cobot from Universal Robots - UR20
01 Jul, 2022

Introducing the new cobot from Universal Robots - UR20

At Automatica 2022 in Munich, Universal Robots presented its latest cobot - UR20. This is the Danish company's fastest and strongest robot yet. It is the first of Universal Robots' next generation of high-performance industrial cobots and is designed to boost productivity to new heights. 

The UR20, which has been redesigned from the ground up, is the first model in a new series of next-generation cobots that will complement the e-Series. The UR20 features a 20 kg payload, 1750 mm reach, ± 0.05 mm repeatability and up to 30% more speed and torque when compared to other UR cobots. According to the company, the UR20 is well suited for applications such as machine loading, machine tending, materials handling, palletizing and welding. At the expo, together with UR's partner Robotiq, they demonstrated the palletising capabilities of the UR20. The new extended reach was demonstrated when stacking 1800mm high pallets. Due to high user interest in cobots for wider reach and load capacity, Universal Robots has redefined automation and introduced new innovations by incorporating a new cobot to the family. The main goal of the cobots is to help manufacturers solve the labor shortage problem. Businesses have trouble hiring people. If you look at what people can practically lift, it's 15-20 pounds. Universal Robots offer solution to this problem.

Like the e-Series, the UR20 will be certified to both EN ISO 13849-1, Cat. 3 PLd and ISO 10218-1. Also like the e-Series, the UR20 will pass 17 customizable safety functions, including a brake time limitation and brake distance limitation.

Several aspects set UR20 apart from other collaborative robots with high payload, but here are five essential features that make it the best cobot to join your team:

  • BREAKTHROUGH SPEED AND TORQUE - Its new robust joint brings up to 30% more speed and torque within a closed capsule.
  • ADVANCED MOTION CONTROL - UR20 enables more precise control of the load's position, velocity, and acceleration.
  • INCREASED PAYLOAD CAPACITY - UR20 is an improved cobot with the same straightforward software and small footprint but now handles up to 20kg.
  • FARTHER REACH - With industry-leading reach for its payload - UR20 can reach 1750mm.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN WITH A SMALL FOOTPRINT - UR20 features our signature design and small footprint, making it easy to integrate into almost any existing production line.

The company launched the world’s first commercially viable cobot in 2008 and has since built an ecosystem of more than 1,100 integrators, distributors and independent partners creating components, kits and applications for its cobots. The company has sold more than 50,000 cobots and has drawn on the knowledge gained through its established customer base in the design of this latest product.

The UR20 marks the beginning of a new series of innovative next-generation cobots that will complement the company's highly successful e-series and almost every business in their daily activities.

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