Olympia Express «Cremina SL»

Perfection and Innovation


Perfection and Innovation

Cremina SL is the perfect lever-espresso machine with a big extra

  • Classic swiss design
  • Made from the best materials
  • Spring loaded group head

The lever machine with the little extra.

The Cremina SL combines the tranquility of a hand lever machine with the simplicity of a semi-automatic machine. If you have a soft spot for purely mechanical extraction and do not want to leave constant quality to chance, the Cremina SL is the right choice.

The completely redesigned brewing group paired with the solid base of the Cremina give it a unique appearance. Never before a brew group with compression spring has been used on such a compact machine.

With each extraction you can experience how the lever moves constantly and slowly upwards, magically, while a perfect espresso flows into your cup below.

The new spring lever group

Built for a small eternity

Take a look at the inside: what you will encounter is nothing but stainless steel, chrome, brass and perfect manufacturing. The brew group, consisting of group head and portafilter are made of brass—and are of course chromed and polished to a high gloss. The steam wand and the steam nozzle are made of chrome steel which increases the longevity of the machine and facilitates the cleaning. The electric boiler, made of chrome steel is filled by opening the top and has a capacity of 1.8L (3.8 pints)—enough for 20 cups of classic espresso. The default pressure is adjusted to between 1.1 and 1.2 bars and the brewing temperature to 92°C (198°F). A compression spring in the brewing head of the Cremina SL ensures constant brewing pressure. The chrome steel frame and casing are elaborately lacquered with especially resistant powder coating.

The front is made of high gloss polished steel. Frame and casing are lacquered with a highly resistant powder coating. The Cremina SL’s top can be used to pre-heat the espresso cups; the drip tray and the grate can be easily removed and cleaned.

This exceptional manufacturing quality can only be reached, because it remains the engineers’ and designers’ prime goal to build the perfect espresso machine.

Technical Specifications Cremina SL:

  • Width 20 cm
  • Depth 27 cm (with lever 47 cm)
  • Height 38 cm (with lever 49 cm)
  • Weight 13 kg Current supply 230–240 V / 50 Hz¹
  • Cable length 160 cm
  • Power input 1000 Watt

¹ Also available with 120 V / 60 Hz / 1000 W

Available colours: