NX – the platform for design, process simulation and manufacturing

NX is a platform which facilitates better design, process simulation, and manufacturing. The latest version of this software, NX 12, really changed the rules of the game when it comes to product design and 3D-printing.

The integration of NX 12 in the working process gives a wide scope of competitive advantages. The most important among them is that more complex products, with sophisticated details and built-in electronics, can now be manufactured in a remarkably shorter time frame. The software has a unique multidisciplinary platform, which bring together electric, mechanical, and controlling systems.

NX 12 supports innovations in every step of the product design process: from the idea visualization, through the testing of different processes, to the final manufacturing. NX 12 offers over 350 novelties and improvements compared to the software’s previous version.

NX for design
NX for design

NX is an integrated solution which makes the job of any engineer easier by helping him/her deliver an innovative and novel product. This particular software accelerates the product design process thanks to its diverse features. Among the most useful functions are: the opportunity to add grid structures to the model’s overall structure, the comprehensively improved charging of the models, the possibility of separating the display into parts during the working process, and the animated design feature.

NX offers the highest level of integration between the separate stages of product design, while also working in an open, collaborative environment.

NX for simulations
NX for simulations

Within NX, the simulation function is now completely covered by Simcenter 3D. This software gives life to all Siemens products that offer simulations and forecasts. All the features which the older NX CAE provided are also accessible in Simcenter 3D, in addition to the newly added functions.

Simcenter 3D offers a unified, open environment for three-dimensional computer engineering with ties to the design, simulation of mechatronic systems, testing, and data management. Simcenter 3D accelerates the simulation process as it combines the possibilities given by first-class geometry corrections, associated simulation modelling, and other multidisciplinary solutions.

NX for manufacturing
NX for manufacturing

For the purposes of manufacturing, NX offers a complete package of solutions for each one of the teams within the manufacturing department. NX supports all the CAD/CAM/CNC processes involved in the manufacturing chain.

With the inclusion of NX in your manufacturing process, you will increase your productivity because:

  • Digital programming and design time are reduced
  • Higher-quality parts are being produced
  • Maximum capacity of the manufacturing resources is being utilized