Robotiq Accessories

Maximum Efficiency for Your Robots

Soltec EOOD offers the following add-ons for your collaborative robots:

Robotiq Adaptive Grippers

 1. HAND-E: Easy to use

Made specifically for Universal Robots, this gripper has the "Plug + Play" feature that allows quick and easy installation. In addition to the product you receive a free software for programming.

 2. 2F-85: Flexible

This model of the Robotiq grippers has 3 options allowing it "wide spread". Also, the 2F-85 can work with a variety of different gripping modes. This gripper is also equipped with a built-in feedback function that improves its’ day-to-day performance.

 3. 2F-140: Suitable for industrial purposes

The third adaptive gripper model of Robotiq is not only fast and powerful, but stands out for its high precision and durability as well. Apart from these features, the 2F-140 is also capable of validating the parts it works with, allowing a better quality control.

 4. Robotiq 3-Finger Adaptive Gripper

With the ability to control power, positioning and speed, this gripper can take almost everything. Equipped with four grip types, several modes of operation and function to control each finger autonomously, this gripper is the Robotiq's best offer for multiple applications and flexibility. As with other grippers, the “Plug + Play” feature allows quick and easy installation - in just a few minutes!

 5. Robotiq Wrist Camera

 This camera is suitable for all robots’ wrists of Universal Robots. It connects directly to the robot’s controller and provides a color validation function as well as integrated lighting and focus regulation (automatic and manual). You also do not need an external computer or hardware to set up or make changes. The compact and slim aluminum body includes sealed hardware that makes it ideal for industrial needs.