Products and Services


Soltec is a Bulgarian distributor of cutting-edge industrial instruments and equipment. Thanks to our German partners – Hoffmann Group – we represent more than 500 product brands and offer a range of low-cost to high-quality solutions for small-, medium-, and large-sized manufacturers.


Soltec is the only company in Bulgaria which offers complete solutions for the Product Lifecycle Management. The portfolio of products and services of our international partner – Siemens Digital Industries Software – could foster the digital transformation of any factory. Starting from the product design and storage of product information, and going as far as simulating whole manufacturing processes, the experts at Soltec will present you with the best solutions the global market has to offer.


Soltec offers products and solutions for the automation of routine processes with the goal of minimizing expenses and increasing efficiency in every factory in Bulgaria. Thanks to our partnership with Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots, we are able to offer you collaborative robots, which will optimize your manufacturing as well as logistics processes. Automation is the only foolproof answer to the shortage of labor and other unfavorable demographic trends in recent years.

Automation Add-ons

We selected for you the most innovative solutions with unsurpassed design in luminaries and barista couture for superb quality coffee. To offer the best to you we partner and represent the products of Schätti Leuchten, for industrial, public and office illumination. For the complete equipment of the office with highest-class technology, we’d like to draw your attention to Olympia Express - finest Swiss made hand crafted Espresso machines.