Leader Mag Ltd. emerges at new markets with the help of a high class CAD / CAM system

Benefit from the CAD/CAM system implemented, with the help of Soltec, can be measured by the introduction into production of more complex  products, increased quality, faster and flawless work, sophisticated and pricey CNC machinery load compaction, waist avoidance and life longevity of the instrumentation. 

— Leader Mag Inc.

Leader Mag Ltd. emerges at new markets with the help of a high class CAD / CAM system

The company implemented one of the most powerful CAD / CAM / CAE systems - SIEMENS NX, delivered and integrated by Soltec Ltd.

Project assignment

  • Implementation of more sophisticated glass product matrices in the production
  • Reducing the delivery time
  • Increasing the performance
  • Development of an own design department


  • Implementation of a unified software platform for CAD / CAM / CAE
  • CAD software for working with complex surfaces
  • Post-processors for modern 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines as well as for lathes
  • Virtualization of the machines for NC simulation purposes
  • Building a library with the cutting modes of intractable materials


  • Mastering a more complex class of products
  • Cutting delivery time by 30%
  • Flawlessness in the exploitation of the machinery park
  • Thrift of cutting tools

The competitive market requires world-class quality

From 2D concept to 3D model

Leader Mag Ltd. was founded in 2006 with a main activity - production and repair of parts and tools for the glass industry. The company is strategically located in Targovishte, where there are 4 plants of the giant in glass production Trakia Glass EAD. Main place in the product range take the forms of blow molding of household and packaging glass. A special feature of this production is the combination of complex surfaces and hard-to-cut materials (cast iron, stainless steel). Against the massive imports from Asia, European glassmakers are specializing in increasingly sophisticated design solutions, the matrices to which companies such as Leader Mag are expected to deliver. In order to respond adequately to the market realities, the management of the company prepares an investment plan for retrofitting high-performance multi-axis machines, subsequently supported by the EU “Innovation and Competitiveness Program 2014-2020”, after a successfully vindicated project. The integrated CAD / CAM / CAE system Siemens NX, delivered and integrated by Soltec Ltd., is of a crucial importance for the complete operation of the new machining and technology resources. The aim to shorten the way to the market leads to frequent questions in the form of 2D graphic concepts from design studios to which the manufacturer has to respond. With the help of NX CAD, the drawings become models, and the models automatically calculate volumes, surrounding surfaces, and processing times. The selected NX Mach 3 Product Design works with the complex surfaces. Thus Leader Mag is a step ahead of the competition in the industry.

The park of 3- and 5-axis CNC machines management is unthinkable without a CAM system.

The unified CAD / CAM / CAE system Siemens NX facilitates usage of information from the 3D model for CAM programming purposes. In addition, Soltec built and integrated NX virtual models of all multi-axis machines from the machinery park. The client uses routinely the kinematic simulation before releasing a new detail to the machine which reduces the risk of a hit to zero. Respecting the capricious processing of cast iron and stainless steel, Leader Mag's engineers built a 'library' with appropriate cutting modes according to material, operation and available tools.

A look at the future

 The benefit of the implemented CAD / CAM system is measured by the introduction of more sophisticated products, increased quality, faster and trouble-free operation, load compaction of the complex and expensive CNC machines, avoidance of waste and prolonging the tool life. The Siemens NX platform enables library enrichment, programming of automations and expansion by many other specialized modules which is one of the main reasons for its strategic choice.

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