About us
We are Soltec - the ambassador for Industry 4.0 in Bulgaria

Soltec EOOD delivers complete technology solutions in the sphere of industrial equipment, software services, and the automation. We are an official partner for Bulgaria of worldwide industry leaders, such as Hoffmann Group, Siemens Digital Industries Software, SICK, CIMCO, Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). Soltec is the Industry 4.0 ambassador in Bulgaria and the creator of the Factory 4.0® trademark. Soltec EOOD is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Vision:

To support the development of a socially responsible Bulgarian industry, which nurtures highly skilled talent, provides security for the working people and protects the natural resources.

Our Mission:

Factory 4.0® is our official trademark and our cause. We are assisting in the establishment of as many Bulgarian smart factories as possible, because we believe that manufacturers and entrepreneurs, who invest in high-quality industrial equipment and adopt digital technologies, are the ones that improve the working conditions, enhance efficiency and achieve sustainable financial results. We are convinced that together we can accomplish more.

Why do companies choose Soltec?

  • We have established long-term relationships of mutual trust with international manufacturers and dealers, who are leaders in the spheres of industrial equipment, software solutions, and automation.
  • We deliver a comprehensive infrastructure of tools and solutions, necessary for the transition to Industry 4.0
  • We provide our clients with the same access to technologies that their counterparts in the developed countries receive
  • Every year, We add to our portfolio of products and services with the aim of introducing the most innovative industry technologies and their application to the Bulgarian market
  • Thanks our experts, We provide timely consultation, adequate solutions to any present issue, and first-class maintenance after point-of-sale
  • We keep you up-to-date through our monthly e-newsletter
  • We organize discussion panels, seminars and events where we present you with real-life examples of innovations and success stories form the world of Industry 4.0
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Certificate ISO Soltec.pdf
Meet The Team
Daniel Sabkov
Regional Manager
(+359) 32 500 425 sales@soltec.bg
Velko Velkov
Sales Representative
(+359) 32 500 425 salesplm@soltec.bg
Stanislav Dimitrov
Sales Representative
(+359) 32 500 425 stanislav.dimitrov@soltec.bg
Vladimir Kirov
Sales Representative
(+359) 32 500 425 vladimir.kirov@soltec.bg
Velin Chaushev
Sales Representative
(+359) 32 500 425 velin.chaushev@soltec.bg
Kaloyan Valchanovski
Sales Representative
(+359) 32 500 425 kaloyan.valchanovski@soltec.bg
Hristo Nikolov
Sales Representative
(+359) 32 500 425 hristo.nikolov@soltec.bg
Yavor Rankov
Sales Representative
(+359) 32 500 425 yavor.rankov@soltec.bg
Ilian Iliev
Sales Representative
(+359) 32 500 425 ilian.iliev@soltec.bg
Georgi Stoyanov
Application Engineer
+359 (0)877 707 954 presales@soltec.bg
Georgi Beyriyski
Expert CAM programming
+359 (0)877 707 954 presalesplm@soltec.bg