Find the tool you need in less than 10 seconds! With the innovative GARANT Tool24 PickOne intelligent system
12 Feb, 2024

Find the tool you need in less than 10 seconds! With the innovative GARANT Tool24 PickOne intelligent system

The GARANT Tool24 PickOne from the world leader in the development of high-quality tools and industrial solutions, the Hoffmann Group, is an innovative individual retrieval system that guarantees a secure one-stop retrieval of issued and picked tools. Alone or in combination with other systems, Tool24 optimizes work tasks and operating procedures.

GARANT Tool24 PickOne can rightfully be described as a state-of-the-art dispensing solution with an innovative drum system that ensures reliable retrieval of every item. Equipped with self-opening compartments and a visual cue to the pick, the industrial cabinet provides extremely fast access to tools and items. The Tool24 PickOne drum is available with up to four different compartment sizes in standard configuration and a load capacity of over 1000kg. It is specifically designed for industrial use. A double sided perforated panel provides flexible mounting of the touch screen from the system.

Advantages of Hoffmann's GARANT Tool24 PickOne system:

Fast and secure retrieval

Individual item retrievals are only carried out by employees authorised with PIN/password, RFID access or fingerprint. To ensure the fastest possible access to items, the system opens in less than 10 seconds, even under the most adverse operating conditions.

Reliable design

The system is specifically designed for industrial applications. With a maximum load capacity of over one tonne, it places practically no restrictions. The high quality components incorporated in its construction ensure reliable, maintenance-free operation.

High flexibility

Perforated panels on both sides of the cabinet allow flexible touch screen mounting. They are also compatible with and enable the use of all hooks and holders from the GARANT Easyfix system, as well as the other perforated panel accessories from the Hoffmann range of workstations and storage solutions.

Great intelligence

Next to the retrieval compartments are a row of LEDs which, in addition to the self-opening mechanism on each cage, provide a visual cue to the user as to exactly where the item to be retrieved is located. A safety edge in turn prevents items from slipping out.

Custom configuration of the individual drum issue

With a safe working load of over one tonne, the GARANT Tool24 PickOne solution is specifically designed for industrial use. The innovative drum system is individually and uniquely configurable for each customer with the option of up to four different compartment sizes. Its capacity can reach up to a maximum of 640 compartments on 20 levels.

Each compartment can be independently filled with items. The small compartments are suitable for low-volume items such as replaceable inserts, while the larger compartments are an optimal storage solution for gloves, safety glasses, grinding discs, etc. The individual sliding modules are available separately for all compartments.

The basic Tool24 PickOne system has the option to be expanded with additional expansion modules and combined with all Tool24 hardware variants. The solution is fully compatible with HCS software solutions - Hoffmann Group Connected Suite.

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