04 Mar, 2024

"Simulate" plastic injection moulding during a specialised webinar on 14 March - with Moldex3D software

On March 14, 2024, at 14:00, we will host a webinar on the topic "Moldex3D - simulate the plastic molding process". The event will cover the most common challenges faced by toolmakers, the capabilities of Moldex3D software for pre-analysis and debugging in a digital environment, and how simulation of the molding process helps reduce operating costs.

Plastic injection moulding is widespread in a number of industrial sectors. In response to the transformational needs of the rapidly evolving high-tech world, CoreTech System has announced the market debut of the latest version of its Moldex3D 2023 molding process analysis software.

Moldex3D is a next-generation solution developed with a focus on four core concepts - reliability, efficiency, transformation and freedom. It not only improves simulation performance, but also provides a user-friendly interface and access to various cloud services. The API functionality streamlines workflow, enhances software and hardware capabilities, creates digital twins and seamlessly links the virtual with the real environment.

Continuous expansion of Moldex3D software capabilities to improve analysis accuracy

Moldex3D 2023 optimizes the simulation of the plastic molding process. The most critical factor affecting it is the material properties. The Moldex3D Forming Technology R&D Center has conducted real experiments using nearly 400 different materials to optimize the parameters in the software library, improve reliability, and make the molding analysis results more similar to the real ones.

Along with this, in the simulation of molding processes, Moldex3D 2023 can accurately recreate the changes in temperature and air pressure in the mold cavity during the filling process, thus minimizing defects and scrap in production.

Faster and more flexible calculation, more powerful virtual and real integration

In the era of increasingly pervasive multicore computing, the use of parallel computing to reduce molding analysis time can bring serious advantages to enterprises.

Moldex3D 2023 supports parallel computing capability, which can not only increase the speed of computing operations by up to 80%, but also improve the efficiency of analysis by nearly 20% and, as a result, the efficiency of the entire simulation as well.

A multitude of new features and capabilities to tackle complex production challenges

To overcome the barriers that arise in a variety of complex manufacturing processes, Moldex3D 2023 provides a wide range of new functionalities. In terms of optics, MCM's newest dual optical simulation feature accurately calculates residual stresses and thermal residual stresses, providing more detailed casting process data for design optimization. The software also supports two final review options, Isochromatics and Isoclinics, allowing users to intuitively identify simulation results.

Entering a new stage in moulding process simulation

For a product to successfully move from the design stage to the production phase, various tests and checks need to be carried out. But how is it possible to automate these steps? Moldex3D 2023 provides the opportunity to do just that. The API function allows automatic workflow processing with just one click. By pre-setting the system, the platform helps to automate multi-repetitive operations and automatically adjust parameters in the casting process, as well as to execute specific analysis jobs, creating working conditions completely tailored to the customer's specific needs.

Join Soltec's webinar with speaker Georgi Stoyanov, an applications engineer at the company, to learn more about Moldex 3D simulation software and ways you could dramatically reduce your costs!

Topic: "Moldex 3D - simulate the plastic moulding process"

When: 14 March 2024 (Thursday), at 14:00

Where: online, after pre-registration from HERE!

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