13 May, 2024



Each profession has its own specific requirements and therefore requires individual solutions.  Again, we have the solution to your problems: eForm. It is a technology for managing tool storage spaces by engraving their shape and dimensions in special foam. Due to the complex nature of the Hoffmann Group's solution, the eForm online configurator is the ideal basis for making an individual foam inlay.

Without complication and unnecessary software installation

Our online configurator allows you to plan your foam inlay using a clean and intuitive process. Simply drag and drop the tools where you see fit. The Soltec team is ready to help you every step of the way to optimize your production.

What are the advantages of using rigid foam inlays or foam inlays?

Using inlays helps you increase labor productivity and reduce costs by bringing in organization.

Sometimes your workplace is a little chaotic? Are your machines and tools scattered all over the place? Do you have tools in different variations and sizes that you don't actually need right now? Or maybe you can't find the tool you need?

Having a safe, clean and tidy workplace is an important prerequisite for improving work and production processes.

You can choose from 47,000 ready-made moulds or a 3D database. You can choose between two types of rigid foam inlays. And if a tool is missing from the database, it can very easily be added with just one scan.

Instant price calculation. Pre-configured inlays can be easily rearranged in an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

The online configurator can be accessed via the Hoffmann Group eShop or at this link.

Here are 8 of the benefits and reasons why you should choose eForm:

1. Individual planning

You choose which tool to put where.

2. More than 14 000 tool models

.... and 30,000 3D data records of auxiliary tools as well as 3,000 3D tool records of Stahlwille. Easy tool selection from the Hoffmann Group.


3. Easy handling
Insert the tool by dragging and dropping

4. Adding new tools
Individual instruments can be added by scanning.