The new MiR1200 Pallet Jack autonomous mobile robot masters the palletising process to perfection
09 Apr, 2024

The new MiR1200 Pallet Jack autonomous mobile robot masters the palletising process to perfection

The new MiR1200 Pallet Jack autonomous mobile robot revolutionizes the in-warehouse pallet transport, automating the detection, movement and delivery of Euro pallets with a load capacity of up to 1200 kg and a travel speed of up to 1.5 m/s. It features an innovative perceptual system based on artificial intelligence that significantly reduces cycle times in picking and placing processes and increases productivity.

"This agile 'buddy' can work without interruptions, thanks to an integrated battery with enough capacity for one change and the ability to charge quickly and conveniently for uninterrupted workflow. Navigating seamlessly in tight spaces, it optimises the efficiency of logistics operations, ensuring timely delivery of finished goods without the need for additional infrastructure.

Optimally fitting into every stage of the workflow, from warehouse operations to major production phases, the MiR1200 meets the latest and highest safety standards. It manoeuvres safely around people or other obstacles and is seen as a much safer alternative to traditional forklifts and pallet trucks. With a user-friendly interface and quick scaling via MiR Fleet, deploying and managing this solution is easy, providing the best combination of precision, performance and efficiency.

Key features of the MiR1200 mobile pallet jack from Mobile Industrial Robots:

Pallet detection

The MiR1200 Pallet Jack uses a machine learning system for the purpose of pallet detection that enables fast, accurate and reliable identification of shrink-wrapped pallets.


The MiR1200 complies with the state-of-the-art ISO 3691-4 safety standard and offers comprehensive 360-degree security coverage. The robot detects and avoids obstacles up to its full height.

Signal lights

The MiR1200 autonomous pallet jack uses signal lights to indicate its actions to people working around it. This makes it easier for employees in the vicinity to understand its direction of travel and actions.

Battery capacity

Featuring a large battery capacity and fast charging capability, the MiR1200 Pallet Jack ensures easy and trouble-free operation in 24/7 production and logistics processes.

Convenient operation

The mobile MiR1200 is equipped with the latest MiR software. It is fully compatible with the centralized MiR Fleet system for managing the company's entire "fleet" of autonomous robots.

Advantages of the MiR1200 Pallet Jack Mobile Robot

  • Maximum efficiency thanks to the ability to transport autonomously pallets weighing up to 1200 kg;
  • Higher productivity using AI-based perceptual system for fast pallet recognition;
  • Improved workplace safety, replacing manual forklifts with the safest autonomous mobile palletising robot;
  • Optimization of the entire supply chain through a wide range of MiR autonomous mobile robots, all controlled through MiR Fleet;
  • 24/7 execution of workflows thanks to fast charging and high battery capacity.
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